A system based on game elements.

Eagle-edu is a gamified system, that is, it uses game elements (for example, points, medals, and progress bars, among others) to motivate students to participate in the activities created by the teacher.

Eagle-edu consists of 21 game elements. Each of these elements has a motivational function, that is, they act in a type of student experience and are associated with each educational activity that you create (through artificial intelligence algorithms).

You don't have to worry about anything. Each element will be associated with the activities automatically.

The entire gamification process of Eagle-edu was based on several scientific studies published in internationally recognized conferences and magazines, thus guaranteeing the quality of student interactions and the positive effects of gamification on the student experience.

If you wish, you can also customize the gamification of the system according to your wishes.

Start now and change your students' experience for the better.